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When I left London in 2016 I sadly had to leave behind my Antenna chair.
It was designed to keep once or twice worn clothes that can still be reworn before the next wash. As I was missing a place for these nomad clothes in my new abode, here a new take on the problem: In my sketchbook appeared a drawing of a wire basket on tubular metal legs, with a washing line like structure below the basket. Obviously the basket to store clothes and the line to air out smaller items. The more clothes you put in the basket, the comfier the 'upholstery' of the stool becomes.

Luckily, IKEA stool VÄSTERÖN, found by chance, offeres itself to be hacked making the sketch jump out of the book into my (or even your?) room.

You need:
1 IKEA Västerön stool
4 M6 40mm bolts
16 washers (to fit the bolts)
Optional: washing line, cable tie

1) Follow step 1 and 2 of the IKEA instructions
2) Attach the basket in the opposite way of point 3 of the IKEA instructions (with the basket's open side pointing upward) using the M6 40mm bolts and inserting on each point 4 washers between the basket and the leg as space holders. Apart from that follow the official instructions.
3) If desired wrap the washing line around the legs, using a cable tie to fix the loose ends together, if the washing line is resistant. I advice using a clove hitch (nautical knot) to fix the line on each leg. Alternatively you could drill holes into the legs to thread the line through.

Enjoy! ;-)