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A collection of pared down folded steel desk tidies. Each piece has a little twist in how it works or how it is used, providing affordances in addition to their main purposes. A similar visual language running through the entire collection ties it together.

The collection it is laser cut, folded and then powder coated, making it easy to manufacture.

Please contact me directly if you want to buy pieces from this collection. The small tape dispenser and the in-out-trays are out of stock.

Zick Zack pen organiser

Pens have the annoying habit of disappearing - especially on a desk that is vigorously used. Pens are needed everywhere: in kitchen, living room and office, however having them lying around can appear messy. Zick Zack gives your pens a home making their placement seem intentional rather than untidy. It keeps your three favourite pens together and celebrates them. Naturally, it can also be used to display other small bits and bobs and it can sit above cables or pens lying on your desk or function as a paperweight.

It is simply folded from a single piece of metal. The soft colour stands in contrast to its sharp geometrical shape. This new edition is carefully made in Germany and available to buy in mint green. Please contact me if you are interested in stocking Zick Zack Pen Organiser.

The in-out-tray stacks with minimal contact points and staggers backwards. The slight backwards angle makes sure nothing slides out. The flaps in the front can be used for labels.

The little tidy has an angled front, which when pressed down makes it offer its contents by letting them slide out. The slight gap in the corners can hold business cards or postcards. Its size is also ideal to hold sticky notes.

The little tape dispenser has a different way of holding tape in place and is made out of a single piece of mild steel, including the zig zagged edge where you rip the tape.

The big tape dispenser transforms tape into a space to store pins, elastic bands, clips and other bits and bobs by turning it on its side. The tape turns against two walls rather than rotating around a center point. This allows it to be used for a variety of tape sizes.

The pen tidy uses the corner slots resulting from the folding process as a way to store letters, while also holding pens, rulers and scissors. The letters can be employed to separate the tidy into two compartments.

The pencil sharpener keeps the pencil shavings in a little tidy. It's openness, angled front and small size encourage frequently and easily emptying it out.