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How do you separate your pasta from the hot and salty water it was cooked in?
Some people put a colander in the sink and pour their pasta into it, others use the pan's lid to hold the food back and my house mate uses the wooden spatula he stirred his sauce with and holds it against the pan while letting the water flow out. The latter is a lazy yet brilliant solution to this daily problem.

If only the spatula had holes, so the water would drain easily, without leaving a gap through which the pasta can escape...

More than a year of my friends and me using this invention has revealed that there are many more things that need draining than just pasta: From Apple, over basil, nectarine, peas and rice to Zucchini -
What doesn't need to be strained quickly?

'We love your product stir+strain spatula' Merci, Paris
'beautiful spatula' Michael Marriot
'Since I use stir+strain I'm eating more vegetables.' Saadiqah
'Now that we have Clea's spatula I can get rid of all my other kitchen utensils.' Fred